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So What The Heck Is Going On, Crash?

Unfortunately, some punk (in Indonesia, from what I can tell) decided that the original website for AllThingsCrash needed to be hacked. Boy did this guy do a number on me!

The original site was a Joomla Content Management System that had gone out of date a year ago. My attempts to update it failed and the only way I could have gotten it updated to the latest and most secure package was to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it. Well, TheCrashCast isn't made of money, right? Instead of paying for the upgrades, I elected to remove all option for a user to crate an account and sign in to the website. Well, I THOUGHT that protected me. LoL

Anyway, that site has been running for 6 years without any changes other than additional content added, so it's time for a fresh look anyway. The biggest change comes in the fact that Joomla will no longer be the backbone of the site. Instead we will be using WordPress. From what I can tell so far, WP has become WAY more advanced than it used to be and I am having a bit of a time wrapping my head around it.

Nonetheless, I will work towards bringing the majority of the most important data from the other site before taking it down officially. I figure that if I work on it a few hours every day, I should have it done in a few weeks.

Thanks for you patience during this very frustrating time!





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