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Name: Michael "Crash" Hancock

Born: October 14, 1966Me!

Hometown: Waco, TX

Children: James, Lindsey, McKenzie

Hobbies: RC, Motorcycling, Geocaching, WoW


For as long as I can remember, I've been enthralled with Radio Controlled flight. I remember back in the '70's watching an old movie where RC planes were used (something about shooting darts from one at another...) and from that point on, I knew it was something I had to do.

After years of badgering my folks, I finally got my first RC plane (well, sorta) - a Cox single-channel foam glider for Christmas in 1981. The thing never really flew, but held my interest long enough for me to know for certain that this was the hobby for me!

At that time, we were living in Sallisaw, OK, and my step-dad was a Chief at the Coast Guard station there on Lake Kerr. One of his friends and coworkers, Dave Johnson, was also just getting into RC planes, so naturally, we cemented a friendship. From Dave I learned so many of the basics of RC Flight and he was my "connection" for scores of back issues of the major publications covering the subject. He even hooked me up with my first AMA Chartered club - the Fort Smith FlightMasters.

The Spring of 1982 brought with it my first 'real' RC flying experiences. My first kits built were both from Balsa USA (a darn fine kit manufacturer!) - a Swizzle Stick 40, and a Smoothie. It was with these kits I learned the most about how NOT to build airplanes. LOL They were rough, they they flew nicely. My first radio? It was a Circus Hobbies 4 channel AM radio. In those days, servo reversing was NOT something that a base model radio came with! LOL You actually had to pay close attention when installing your radio gear so that the control surfaces actually moved in the correct direction.

In the Fall of 1983, my mom divorced and we moved back to my hometown where I knew no one intersted in this goofy hobby, so I just dabbled with the occasional plane. On top of that, I had my driver's license and a few girlfriends that both kept my mind busy with things other than RC.

I married shortly after high school and started down the path of a professional career. Now that money was available, I was soon drawn back into RC. I've built and flown just about every flavor of aircraft known to me, and enjoyed many levels of competition from Fun Fly's, through to Pattern Aerobatics and even Combat (prolly my MOST favorite!). I spent many years in the Heart Of Texas Model Aircraft Club (HOTMAC, for short) in Waco, Texas, but am now a member of the Texas Model Aeronautics Foundation (TMAF) here in Waco. I like this club so much better - it's smaller and more intimate, and we just fly and have lots of fun!

I took a few years off from the hobby, due to professional reasons, but finally retired (after like 2 decades) from the Hi-Graphic Packaging Industry in May 2007. I have traded all the stress (and money LOL) to be a Stay At Home Dad to my two young daughters. Let me tell you - NOTHING in my years of factory management prepared me for the challenges of taking care of two young girlies day in and day out! My gosh, you wouldn't believe the drama in our house at times! LOL Anyway, getting away from the stresses of the daily job "grind" has finally allowed me a little more (not much!) time to get back into my favorite past time.

Having flown just about every kind of balsa/nitro model, I kind of grew tired of the noise, mess, etc, with thes planes and decided to try out the electric stuff - especially since the prices of the equipment have gone down  and the performance levels have gone up. I still fly Nitro stuff, but the electric set-ups are really what have my attention right now. I can get the same kind of performance (albeit on a smaller scale) from a well built, well designed electric foamie plane than a nitro-powered model costing easily 10 times more! See the reason for my interest?

I also dabble in Helicopters and have been for the last 12 years, or so. I'm no 3D pilot, but I love the things. They are a total pain in the tail, and are on the expensive side, but they make my knees knock and palms sweat just like RC Flight made me way back a quarter century ago!

I love this hobby and love sharing it with anyone that will listen. I've learned alot during my adventure in this sport andenjoy helping other's on their adventures. I guess that's the reason I got into Podcasting, to begin with. I got my feet wet, so to speak, on RCFlightCast with Frank and Brian, serving as a cohost for about six months. When they decided to go back to their original father-and-son format in December 2008, I decided (with some nudging of some of you fine folks out there) to embark on my own project. I must say, it's been quite a bit of work, but it has been worth every single ounce of effort spent.

Thanks for your support, and GO FLY SOMETHING ALREADY!!


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