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Want To Register Your Own CHAT Name And Password?

We are using some older technology for the LIVE CHAT - an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. Yes, it's been around for a long time now, but it's still the most robust chat server around!

If you'd like to register your own, unique NICKNAME and PASSWORD, then just follow the instructions below:

1. Choose any NICKNAME to log into the chat above. Note that no password is required at this point. There is a possibility that the nickname you've chosen is already in use by one of the bazillion people that already use IRC (Internet Chat Relay), so just choose something else to get into the chat interface.

2. Now that you're in. you'll want to set up your own, unique NICKNAME. In the "Send Message" bar, type the following:

/nick YourNewNickname  (This is where you'll put in the unique NICKNAME of your choosing)

If the NICKNAME you've chosen is already registered to someone else, the IRC system will let you know. If it has already been used, type in the above command with a different NICKNAME. If you're really wanting to use a NICKNAME that is already taken by someone else (in my case, 'Crash' is almost always taken), then you may consider adding "TCC_" to the beginning of your usual username (for example - TCC_Crash).

3. Once you've successfully changed your NICKNAME to something that no one else has taken, it's time to register that NICK. Type the following command into the "Send Message" bar:

/msg nickserv register YourPassword you@example.com

(Note that the password you choose and the email address you choose are separated by a single tap of your [SPACEBAR]!)

If you've done this correctly, you'll get a message back from the IRC saying "An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to "you@example.com" (of course, this will REALLY be the email address you supplied LoL). Open up a new window or tab in your browser and go check your account for an email from FREENODE advising you of what to do next.

4. From the verification email you received, copy and paste the given command into the "Send Message" bar of the IRC client and press [ENTER]. (Note that this needs to be done within 24 hours of sending your password and email address. If you fail to do this verification step, then your NICKNAME and PASSWORD will be purged from the system after 24 hours.)

You're done! The system will return a message saying that your name has been verified. Now whenever you log into the IRC client here (or ANY FreeNode IRC), you can use this NICKNAME and your PASSWORD.

Clear as mud, right? LoL



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